Feedback - Pieces (2007)

this band is totally a hidden gem ! no official website, my space page, pictures found from internet ! if you like staind, u will like them too... in fact in my opinion, i think FEEDBACK are better than staind. Their music more original and emotional.

Genre: Alternative/ progressive rock
CdBaby (songs preview)

01 - When It Comes
02 - Hero
03 - Strangers Of Mankind
04 - Feedback
05 - Innocence
06 - Fallen
07 - Friends
08 - Hollow
09 - Let Us In
10 - Powder
11 - You Turn
12 - Before Nine

Download this ALBUM !! (megaupload)


Anonymous said…
can you leave a mediafire link or a megaupload link please? this band sounds amazing, but I would like to hear the whole thing before I purchase it. Thanks=)
Robin said…
Hey dudes, thanks for uploading the album and stuff(I'm in the band - lead guitar). We're totally cool with it. There is a website, although it's a bit under maintained.

Ross(our bassist) found this when searching on amazon. firefox doesn't like the blog though (probably some of the addons you put there, it reports security attack).

Enjoy the tunes,
Rock On!

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