Skillet - Comatose Comes Alive (2008)

oh boy... if u didnt preview this live album ...u gonna regret for the rest of your life. lol

Skillet - Comatose Comes Alive (2008)
Genre: Power Ballard Rock/ Christian rock

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1. Intro
2. Comatose
3. Whispers in the Dark
4. Collide
5. Forsaken
6. The Older I Get
7. Those Night

8. Better Than Drugs
9. The Last Nights
10. Yours to Hold
11. Rebirthing
12. Angels
13. Obsession
14. Savior
15. Best Kept Secret
16. Live Free Or Let Me Die (B-Side)
17. Rebirthing (Acoustic)
18. Yours To Hold (Acoustic)
19. The Older I Get (Acoustic)
20. Whispers In The Dark (Acoustic)
21. Say Goodbye (Acoustic)

Download This Awesome LIVE Album !!!
Part 1
Part 2

p/s: all the links are to their videos, in high quality.


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