12 Stones - Anthem For The Underdog (2007)

12 Stones - Anthem for the Underdog (2007)
Genre: Christian rock/modern rock

01. Anthem For The Underdog (YouTube MTV/Never Back Down sot)
02. Lie To Me (YouTube MTV)
03. Broken Road
04. Adrenaline (YouTube MTV/Rambo 4 OST)
05. It Was You
06. This Dark Day
07. World So Cold
08. Arms Of A Stranger
09. Hey Love
10. Games You Play
11. Lie To Me (Acoustic)

I like this album, one of my favourite album compare the previous two. Basically every songs are nice. They do sound like Papa roach to me although a lot my fren doesnt argree with me. They wrote songs about how to move on with lives no matter how hard life can be, relationship with God, that the world is dark etc. Try them !


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