Social Code - A Year At The Movie (2004)

Social Code - A Year At The Movie (2004)
Genre: Punk Rock

  1. "Beautiful"
  2. "Whisper to a Scream (Bird's Fly)" (YouTube MTV)
  3. "Gone Away"
  4. "Cats and Dogs"
  5. "Miss You"
  6. "Perfect Grave"
  7. "Everything Is Fine"
  8. "As Good As It Gets"
  9. "Flurry"
  10. "I Was Wrong"
  11. "Waiting"
  12. "No One to Save"

This band sounds like The Ataris but they more on mainstream and pop rock. I Prefer The Ataris though. Anyway, have a try! They are okay. 

They released a new self-titled album but I still can't any link yet. I will post once i have it.


Verain said…
leaving a comment ask me go visit ur blog..zhadao..haha!by d way,i love the background of ur blog!especially the heart below wif the!^^

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