Faithdown - New Batch Of Tunes [EP] (2005)

Faithdown - New Batch Of Tunes [EP] (2005)
genre: modern rock

01 - Broken (YouTube Audio)
02 - Pieces
03 - Walk Off
04 - Faithdown
05 - Just

Bonus Tracks:
06 -
07 -
 Broken Island
08 -
 Get Right (YouTube Audio)

What is Faithdown? It stands for the attitude of putting all your trust into your hopes and dreams, and believing in yourself to achieve your ultimate goal. This is the driving force behind the band, which powerfully characterizes their integrity. 

Faithdown is a four-piece melodic modern alternative rock band with Justin on vocals, Tones on guitar, Nick on drums and Paolo on bass. Formed in 2002 by brothers Nick and Tones, the foundation of the band was quickly solidified when they invited long-time friend, Paolo, to join them. Finding the right front-man for the band did not occur overnight and in 2005, they found a perfect fit in Justin to complete Faithdown as you see and hear it today. Since then, the guys have been putting their stamp of big hooks and hard-hitting songs to the test on the local club scene and time after time, people are blown away by the weight and energy of their live show. 


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