2008 IMU Cup Football Champion !!!

Pharmacy Team defended their title !!!! Champion AGAIN !!!!!!!!
Click On The Photo For Larger Size la !
Won by penalty shoot out.... but seniors phang, terry and feihing missed... HAHAHAHAHA

p/s: photos are all taken with Panasonic Lumix LX1. Support Lumix ! Support Leica!


Wayne 7 said…
all the veterans missed penalty???char dao ah...haha
Alan said…
why suddenly talk about leica lens la ... haha

Yay! Pharmacy Boleh!!!
weithian said…
hahaha! wth -.-

the moment i see that 3 names. MISSED SOMEMORE! sweatttttt

but anyhow, congrats! pharmacy must always hold that title~
curiositykills said…
whoaa...got lenglui stand near terry wor....ahhhahhaha

congrats congrats
Revo.V said…
terry now dogging a medic girl ma
c h i y u a n said…
who was the hero? adrian? lol. anyway pharmacy are legends.. continue the winning streak!

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