2008 Badminton IMU Cup

Recalling back Pharmacy Badminton Team Achievement.

When I was in Semester 1 year 2005, which I just enter my university's life, i still remember one senior of mine, namely Lim Wei Ming (aka Uncle Lim) recognised me and came recruit me into badminton team for the annual sports events - IMU Cup. Just for your information, IMU is abbreviated for International Medical University and I'm a pharmacy student :P

and lucky for that year... our team won !! And as far as i know, this is the first time pharmacy ever won ! History has been made !
from left (above): Yip Wai Lap aka Tai Lou, Uncle Lim, Desmond, Me
from left (bottom): forgot name (pai seh, haha!), Saw Pui San, Qristine, Su-lin & su-ann (susu anlin sisters!)
That time a lot supporters came to support us and we fought hard to gain the title !! Sadly nowadays, only few people came and support us now ..... *sigh*

Then, the following year, IMU Cup 2006....

We manage to enter semi finals...but an unexpected thing just happen... i had food poisoning !! Thus, i cant went and play for pharmacy team ....
I remember i vomitted so badly !!!!! Until i can remember the smell of it... !!! YUCKS !
We only manage got 4th place that year.... wat to do ..

Year 2007... We still wanna fight for it !

Pharmacy team manage against all odds and enter the finals.... 
But the taste of Gold medal is just a slip away ... We were so near and almost gain the title again ... but in the end, we only manage to get 2nd Place... Everyone fought hard for it. But i do admit that i feel a bit sad that day. It was just so close ! 

From left (above): Rena, Pui san, Evelyn, Pei Ling, Stephanie, Me , Sin, FeiHing
From left (bottom): Yip, U lou, pick chai, tiger and phang.

Thanks for supporters that came ! Althought it's not many but we are grateful! Thanks to sharon, chi yuan, pick chai, feihing and phang !! p/s: thanks rena for being our sub at very last min.

And Now..... Year 2008 IMU Cup ! At first, I didn't want to join but maybe It's my final year to join, so I still join anyway. I only hope i can focus more on matches rather thinking about getting Gold Medal. I will try my very best to help the team ... Hope for the best !! 

Prior the competition, I've bought Lee Chong Wei's racket... ARMORTEC 900P !! 
I want to kick the medic ppl's ass !!! LOL ! Go Go Pharmacy !!!!!

My Yonex Armortec 900p ! Scare or not !! LOL

A lot have been asking me when is the badminton gonna start ... It's on 7 September 2008 7pm (Group stages) at Puchong Michael's Acadermy Hall. If we manage to enter semi, it will be on 14 September 2008 at same venue/same time.


Lim Wei Meng said…
Good luck and all the best..go go pharmacy
Trisha said…
its anlene is it?;p

and i think it's chi yuan.. ahhahaah

ok.. all the best! pharmacy can do it!
DaVIdnG said…
haha.. fuyoooo.... armotec 900.. not cheap eh.. really paid a lot for the imu cup gold medal eh... lol... gambateh gambateh..fight for pharmacy..
steffaniee said…
Whoa racquet placed there to snap pic? Tak takut racquet jatuh karr??

i almost forgot our game is this coming weekend!!!

steffaniee said…
Whoa racquet placed there to snap pic? Tak takut racquet jatuh karr??

i almost forgot our game is this coming weekend!!!

斌份世界 said…
gogo william... rm 550 right?
jia you...
Revo.V said…
wan announce my racket price meh, kp....

i so broke now.. haha
hp84 said…
Good luck to you William!
Must win just like football team oK?
curiositykills said…
aiyer use lee chong wei's racquet?? use other ppl's racquet..not bangga wan. use lah william cheah's racquet!!

btw its weimeng . not wei mIng :P

go kick asses william!!! break a leg!!
Revo.V said…
cincai la, wei ming or wei meng.. haha
i wan break a girl's leg.. haha

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