Blindspott - End the Silence (2006)

I currently listen to this band and loving it !

Blindspott - End of Silence (2006)
Genre: alternative rock / New Zealand band

1. 1975
2. Drown (YouTube MTV)
3. Dead Inside
4. Yours Truly (YouTube MTV)
5. Lull (YouTube MTV)
6. For This Love
7. IV
8. Coma
9. Cave In
10. Just Know
11. Face Down
12. Stay (YouTube MTV)
13. Away From Me
14. Pray For Me

This band album has been quite awhile in my music library till i recently have time and listen them seriously. After listen awhile... oh gosh..I'm loving the sound of it. Their music are so pure and original. Just lovin' It !

They from New Zealand ~ :P but too bad...they broke up..... TOO BAD.... why such a good band disband ....


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