Default - One Thing Remains (2008)

I currently listening to this band's album.

Default - One Thing Remains (2008)
Genre: Modern rock

Revo's rating: 8/10
1. All Is Forgiven
2. I Can't Win
3. It Only Hurts
4. The Way We Were
5. Count On Me
6. Hiding From The Sun
7. Beautiful Flower
8. One Thing Remains
9. The Memory Will Never Die
10. Get Out Of This Alive
11. Found My Way Out

Recommended songs: All is forgiven, It only hurts, The way we were

What i can say about this band? Mm... they got their fame after their first album single "Wasiting my time", I must said that their first album is just plainly average. But they do improve a lot when come in composing music, i kinda like this new album though. Worth a listen ! :)


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