Phantom Planet [Raise the Dead] [2008]

This band specially requested by Flora Ling. This album dedicate to u... :P

Phantom Planet [Raise the Dead] [2008]
Genre: Alternative rock/ Indie rock

Revo's Rating= 7/10
1. Raise The Dead (YouTube MTV preview)
2. Dropped
3. Leader
Do The Panic (YouTube live performance preview)
5. Quarantined
6. Ship Lost At Sea
7. Demon Daughters
8. Geronimo
9. Too Much Too Often
10. Confess
11. Leave Yourself For Somebody Else

12. I Don't Mind

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Recommended songs to start: Raise the dead, Dropped, Do the panic

Phantom planet...a band from southern California. Does "California" this song sounds familiar to you ? oh ya, its from them, a song about where they from. This song is the theme song of The O.C..

Their music are similar to Beatles and Rolling Stones.

p/s" Alan Tan, u might like this album as well. As i know u r a big fan of alternative music.

More pictures of this band.


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