NeverSet - Behind Every Door (2007)

NeverSet - Behind Ever Door (2007)
Genre: Rap rock/ Nu Metal
CdBaby (for songs preview)

Revo's rating= 9/10

01 - Breathe (YouTube Preview)
02 - My Scars (YouTube Preview)
03 - The Last Hardest Thing
04 - Push Away
05 - Headake (YouTube Preview)
06 - Don't Wanna' Know You
07 - Bitter Lies
08 - Wake Up
09 - Falling Away
10 - My Enemy
11 - Stand Up
12 - Blame

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Recommended songs: Breathe, My scars, Headake

Two words to describe this band ..... THEY ROCKS ! Ever since linkin park becoming more mainstream and poppy... i started hate LP ! LP first album still the best for me, i remember when i started listening to LP, a lot my friends often ask me "wat crap band is that" ? (makes me wanna punch them at the face straight) :P but now i argreed that LP now is crap !

so why i talk about LP in this band review ? cuz they sounds like the old days LP ! and little bit of breaking benjamin too. I love this band when i heard their singles. They rock live too ! Their music is collaboration of rap +hard guitar riff , my favourate style. They sing about broken love/relationships.... etc. Good for those ppl that just broke up :P


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