The Stupid Question

"What's your most favourite rock band?", is one of a stupid question ever reached to my ear. Frankly, i don't have a clear cut answer to that question. That's because every single bands including "tiny" bands have their own ways to compose the most powerful song or even the most simplest (normal 4 power chords) yet a beautiful song. On top of just writing songs, every bands have to be good when it comes for performance. Every bands have their own style of rocking on the stage,  which would often sparks my enthusiasm to watch them play live... on youtube :( (Malaysia Rock Music Fans don't have the amber chances to see any good rock bands performing) .

Lastly, rock & roll is not always about the sex, girls, drugs and alcohols. In fact, rock stars nowadays urging their fans not to be stupid to drug themselves. Life lessons and experiences often expressed though their songs to inspire people.. that's what make the world a better place to be, right? Compare to those pop singers and R & B stupid singers.... where they often splash their cash on stupid stuffs like big cars, mega bunglow/mansion that occupied by, often not more than 3 stupid. 

Following blogs, i will post my music review on mostly modern rock bands and i will post rapidshare link if any links available. 

Rock On !


Alan said…
good one, i support ur blog!
Maroon said…
My blog is influenced by Taiwanese story telling and leisure style. Your blog is following Western people serious matter taste.

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