Synergia - Margish Aher (2006)

To start my first music review, I'm gonna start with a Bang ! The next band i gonna introduce, is some band u would never heard of .......

Synergia - Margish Aher
Genre: Hebrew Rock

Revo's Overall Rating: 8.0/10 

  1. Ashem (YouTube Preview)
  2. Margish Aher (YouTube Preview)
  3. Yahad Nitbager
  4. Ozev
  5. At Lo Kan
  6. Libi Nishbar
  7. Ani Levad Ahshav
  8. MiHutz LeZerem
  9. Alfey Zugot Einaim
  10. Tir'i Ze Ani
  11. Yom Yafe
  12. Ad Elaih (YouTube MTV version)
  13. Alfey Zugot Einaimi (piano version)

Trust me. They are good ! 
No.1 Israeli Band !
What they sing about, frankly to say, I DUNNO. i don't understand hebrew......

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