Radiohead - Live @ Kindl - Bühne, Berlin, Germany (2008)

This album concert specially dedicate to Alan Tan Zi Siang,  because i know he can't live without Radiohead ! As i know he already had all radiohead's albums, so i gonna recommend him this live concert version,

Radiohead - Live at Kindi, Berlin, Germany (2008)
Genre: Alternative rock 

01. 15 Step
02. Airbag
03. There There
04. All I Need
05. Where I End And You Begin
06. Nude
07. Weird Fishes
08. The Gloaming
09. Videotape
10. No Surprises
11. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
12. My Iron Lung
13. A Wolf At The Door
14. Reckoner
15. Everything In Its Right Place
16. Bangers & Mash
17. Bodysnatchers
18. Cymbal Rush
19. You And Whose Army?
20. Paranoid Android
21. Dollars And Cents
22. Idioteque
23. House Of Cards
24. National Anthem
25. Street Spirit

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Radiohead earned their fame after the release of their third album, OK Computer (1997). Radiohead's frontman, Thom York, a brillant/ genius music composer, with the band's textured guitar atmospheres and Yorkes's falsetto singing... this band is just an extraordinary band. One amazing thing is that this band able to write different genre songs, from pop rock, jazz, electronic music, and kraurock. 

This band is just.... brillant.


Trish said…
radiohead! i missed them when they came to Glasgow!
Revo.V said…
i know. u all went apa apa video game orchestra.... apa lah ....
Anonymous said…
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