Hoobastank - La Cigale (Live at Paris) (2006)

A MUST listen album. It's a DVD live concert actually (I Have it.. ho ho !), but i manage found audio rip of this concert !!! 

Hoobastank - La Cigale (Live at Paris) (2006)
Genre: Modern rock + Orchestra

Revo's Rating = 9/10
2.- If I Were You
3.- Same Direction
4.- Pieces (Live In Paris) (4:02)
8.- If I Were You (Video Version)
9.- Born To Lead (Video Version)

Recommended preview the YouTube!! (can start with Crawling in the dark & Inside of you)

Okay, you may think that Hoobastank is just a normal band. And ya, i admit that they are just one of those ordinary band, but this rock + orchestra concert version is ...... AWESOME. I enjoyed their live performance, making their simple songs more emotional after the orchestra collaboration. 

Still didn't believe me ? Go try YouTube Preview. 


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