John Mayer's Tattoo

Arrrgghhh !!! I like his tattoo on his right arm !!!! They're so cool !!

Should I get one ?!?!?!?! If ya, i have to buy new sets of formal long sleeves clothes... if Dr Tey found out, she will chase me out of IMU. If u wondering why, I'm a pharmacy student in Malaysia where people here very narrow-minded where they think healthcare professional should wear like a NERD. Hair style like a NERD. Walk like a NERD. Stand like a NERD. You will get shouted if u ever dye your hair (for guys), sounds so stupid, right?

This is what people in Malaysia expecting health professional to be :

They'll will say u are a good student then. ARGHH !!


Josephine said…
cehhh i thought i can dl his latest album or wat lols

i think you should do watever you want with ur body.. just make sure the needles are sterile lols!
Wayne 7 said…
indeed...they would show u the nerd look...LOL
weithian said…
lol. why la wanna get tatoo? what is so cool about it? persuade me :P

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