N.E.R.D - Seeing Sounds (2008)

Time for a break for rock, and heres an alternative hip-hop !

N.E.R.D - Seeing Sounds (2008)
Genre: Alternative

1. Time For Some Action
2. Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) (YouTube MTV)
3. Windows
4. Anti Matter
5. Spaz (YouTube MTV)
6. Yeah You
7. Sooner or Later
8. Happy
9. Kill Joy
10. Love Bomb
11. You Know What
12. Laugh About It

PASSWORD: rapidripz.blogspot.com
Recommended songs: everybody nose, spaz

What is N.E.R.D ? It stands for No-one Ever Really Dies. It's a basic belief, people's energies are mode of their souls, and when you die, that energy ain't gonan destroyed, the law of Newton.. haha.. i still remember physics.. haha. William Pharell is the main guy in the band. 

Their music best described as funk rock , with influences from hip-hop, soul music, alternative rock. It's unique and no other bands can compare to N.E.R.D

For those who likes try something different, this is the album for ya ! ENjoy !


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