Which one is nice ?

Went Pertama Complex to choose Yonex jersey for my badminton team, which one is nice?

this kinda cool but some my teamates do not want dark color.
I kinda like this one.
short sleeve, but i like this too.

The front looks normal but the back is cool !
looks plain... yet not bad also.

This not bad also. Simple yet Nice. 
well...for girls.. not much choices... onli three color available ... I think the grey one is nice.


Josephine said…
dark blue / almost sleeveless red one..

i like those
alen said…
i like last one blue
Wayne 7 said…
The red one(without sleeves) is cool...but it reminds me of China...

I would choose the last one.
hp84 said…
william, get either the dark blue or light blue one. Or the silver one also not bad.
curiositykills said…
i like the third one

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