State of Shock - Life, Love & Lies (2008)

how can i forget to recommend this band....

State of Shock - Life, Love & Lies (2008)
Genre: Modern rock

01. Life, Love & Lies 03:51( YouTube preview)
02. Hearts That Bleed 03:10 (YouTube MTV preview)
03. Too Pretty 03:34
04. Best I Ever Had 03:45
05. Day After Day 03:39
06. Money Honey 03:17 (YouTube preview)
07. Honeymoon's Over 03:07
08. Different Day 04:05
09. Stupid 02:36
10. Pieces Of You 03:51

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Recommended songs: Life, love and lies, hearts that bleed, best i ever had, money honey

This band origin from Canada, same as Our lady peace, nickelback and puddle of mudd. They sing about unfaithful love and things happen in real life. Heavy guitar riff and catching vocal makes them easy to steal the limelight. They also won a lot awards in Canadian Radio Music Awards which are, best rock song (money honey), best comtemporary hit radio song (money honey_ and best hot adult comtemporary song (money honey).

Enjoy !


Great band. I listened to some of their music and they are good. The lyrics are nice and understandable, something most bads don`t seem to use. I like them. I know I`m a realtor, but I support Vancouver music because I believe that it belongs to the city culture just as the condos and houses I work with. I`d like to see them in concert sometime in Vancouver.
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