Sick Puppies - Dressed up as life (2008)

It's time for australian rock band !

Sick Puppies - Dressed up as life (2008)
Genre: modern rock

03 Cancer
04 What Are You Looking For
05 Deliverence
07 Too Many Words
08 Howards Tale
09 Asshole Father
10 Issues
11 Anywhere But Here
12 The Bottom

Recommended songs: Pitiful, all the same, Anywhere but here

After silverchair, i think this is the best australia rock band so far. This band formed by singer/guitarist Shimon Moore and bassist Emma Anzai in the music room of their high school. Maybe one day my band "All phamacy rejects" (type it in YouTube u can find my videos) will make it too ? haaha !! 

Sick puppies are a guitar fuelled rock three piece band and they gained their fame via YOUTUBE.COM, God blessed the YOUTUBE ..haha! Besides doing music, this band also responsible for spawning global "free hug" campaign in spain, israel, russia, brazil , portugal and japan. generated more than 3 million hits in less than 14 days, prompting calls from oprah, leno and good morning america.

In short, THEY ROCKS !


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