Three Days Grace - Live at the Palace (2008)

time for a live album by...

Three Days Grace - Live at the Palace (2008)
genre: hard rock

1 Intro 01:06
02 Animal I Have Become 06:39
03 Pain 04:12
04 Just Like You 05:00
05 Let It Die 05:06
06 Wake Up 04:38
07 I Hate Everything About You 05:53
08 Rooster 05:15
09 Riot 07:15
10 Get Out Alive 05:56
11 Never Too Late 04:33
12 Scared 05:51
13 Gone Forever 03:30
14 Home 15:52

woo hoo ~~ one of my fav band -- Three days grace. They gained fame from self-titled album and continue to fame with their second album named "One-X". As i always mentioned, rockers have to been through suffering and pain to produce great music, so as Adam Gontier, the lead singer of 3DG. He was sent into rehad for an addiction to the pain killer Oxycodone. During rehad, he had written several songs and returned to the band in 2006. Their songs are mostly about pain, suffering and dark-side of life.

This live album is their first ever live DVD. ENJOY !


Matthew said…
anyway you can send a scan of that cover?

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